Chase ‘Big Rig’ Collins lays claim to Manual Magazine #57 with a monstrous frontside rock in Tauranga. He handled his business this issue, so much so that we’ve called it the Big Rig Issue, and it was only fitting that we interviewed him at the same time – Chase tells all in his feature interview, Big Riggin’.

We tag along with the Irrom posse to witness their ‘Pack Mentality’ as they venture forth to Taranaki.

Camping sucks. In case you go anyway, Element have produced a rough guide to come out on top – Find your perfect campsite in the feature article, Camp Reality.

Also in this issue: Jack Fagan, Hootie Andrewes, Kayle Lawson, Zach Wheeler, Matt Markland, Ayrton Boot, Toby Jenkins, Garth Urquhart, Digby Luxton, Levi Hawken, Nas, and much, much more.